It’s cool, everyone wants to be a boss

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Its easier said than being done to be an entrepreneur. The sleepless nights, the overworking, the discipline and the dedication. No one gives you an off day when you’re self-employed and that is the toughest part.

Entrepreneurship, when you have a certain skill, isn’t actually about shaping your own time but about letting your efficiency shape your time.

Efficient: achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

How do you determine your maximum productivity if you haven’t been in spaces (recognize the use of the plural form) where your efforts are put to the toughest tests?

With my research and experience, I have had thus far with starting my own business and brand, I have realized that I am doing twice the work to get twice the money from conventional 9–5s. So how is this efficient for me?

What exactly am I aiming to do?

Having identified truly successful individuals that I see as role models I have seen it is better to start young but also not to want the results in my young age. What’s important now is not to be a well-known brand and business but to establish myself and offering.

Building trust.
The most important part of being is becoming. That opportunity you have to absorb knowledge from already-made leaders is underrated.
The process of becoming not just a brand leader but the best leader is having the opportunity to learn from more established and wiser brand leaders. This means being in the conventional 9–5 job environment, attending workshops and seminars and doing all things that expose you to people outside your space.

The 9–5 is a stepping stone.
A huge one at that. The people skills, operational system and skills knowledge, as well as the most important factor — CAPITAL. Applying for funding is probably the worst misconception most people have about starting businesses.

The actual truth is.
If your business is truly a need, your product/service should be bringing money in for you. With the growth of the business and should you need funding then do you opt for funding. Don’t start your business to get funding, but get funding to further what you have started.

Don’t forget your dream.
Once you are in the working force establishing and getting paid without having to consider the many many businesses expenses, don’t fall asleep on your dream. Constantly go back to your goals journal to evaluate your progress, learnings and how close you are to your dream.

What I am not saying.
Give up on your entrepreneurial dream and go get a 9–5!

What I am saying.
Be a force in the working industry so they want to work with you when you venture out on your own.



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